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Please understand when you make a purchase from SDG,  you are agreeing to all policies.


  • All payments must be made through the website. Stormy Dashai Graphics does not accept any other forms of payment

  • All payments are nonrefundable. In the event that Stormy Dashai Graphics decides to cancel a project due to personal circumstances, that is the only time a refund will be given.

  • FULL payments must be provided in order to begin the project; if requested, 50% down payments may be considered.

Refunds + Cancellations

  • Stormy Dashai Graphics does not offer refunds. Deciding to move forward with another creative or having buyer's remorse is not a suitable means for a refund. Once payment has been made, the project will begin and the final design will be returned to the client/customer in the turnaround time frame given.

  • The only circumstances in which Stormy Dashai Graphics will issue a refund is in the event of illness or another extenuating circumstance that hinders the completion of your project.

  • If for any reason you wish to cancel a project, please contact Stormy Dashai Graphics in a timely manner. Please note that your project will be terminated and you will not be reimbursed for any payments made. If clients wish to re-book after a cancellation they will be required to pay full-service pricing again.

  • If a client is disrespectful, difficult to work with, or lacks clear direction Stormy Dashai Graphics reserves the right to cancel and refund any project(s) the client has booked.

  • Refunds take 3-6 business days to process through our payment processor and return to the client’s original method of payment.

Turnaround  Times

  • Turnaround time begins the day clients submit ALL necessary information and material needed to complete their order.

  • Turnaround times are an estimated timeframe and are subject to change during peak business seasons.

  • Turnaround times do not include weekends and holidays 

  • Turnaround times are also extended day per day due to failure to submit information on time on the clients' end.

  • All rude rush messages and/or emails will be ignored. Turnaround times are listed under every service and are known before purchase. Stormy Dashai Graphics is one designer and needs to be allowed to focus on creating without interruptions.

  • If you would like to rush service please contact me and we can discuss a rush fee and turnaround time for your service(s).


  • Any illness, injury, natural disaster, or computer failure is beyond our control. In this event, orders may be delayed. If any of the above occurs you will be notified as soon as possible.

Communication  Policy

  • If a client fails to communicate for 25 days or longer after initial drafts are sent the project will be forfeited and no refund shall be issued. To resume the project clients will have to pay an inconvenience fee of 30% of the service(s) total. After 26 days of no communication, clients can no longer pay an inconvenience fee and will have to rebook their entire project if they wish to continue working with Stormy Dashai Graphics.

  • I understand that life happens! All I ask of you is communication and we can pause your project and set it to resume at a later start date. Clients get one opportunity to set their project to a later start date.


  • Once a client approves a design there will be NO additional revisions even if all complimentary revisions were not used.

  • Clients are allowed 5 complimentary revisions per service. Additional revisions will be invoiced at a fee of $20 per revision.

  • A redesign is NOT a revision. A complete redesign or change in concept will be invoiced a fee varying by service.

  • If clients fail to pay the revision or redesign fee they can choose to accept their materials as is or their order will be canceled with NO REFUND.

Files + Property

  • Clients will receive the appropriate file types ranging from .jpeg, .png, .svg, and .pdf based upon the services rendered. 

  • .Ai and . Psd files will not be given out under any circumstances

  • Stormy Dashai Graphics reserved the right to post and display all services rendered on any of our social media, marketing materials, or other platforms.

  • Drafts are property of Stormy Dashai Graphics and are not to be distributed by the client under any circumstances

  • Stormy Dashai Graphics will remove all client files from our portal and devices every 30 days. Please download your files and back them up in a safe place. We are not responsible for providing files once deleted.

Freestyling + Additional Info

  • I do not freestyle designs clients must have a clear and concise vision of what they’d like to avoid any excessive revisions 

  • Stormy Dashai Graphics will not duplicate any designs under ANY circumstances.

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